Wisdom Begins from Nothing. A Quiet Mind.

Hello, I’m Brett Chitty

I specialize in assisting you to realize the existence and life-changing gifts of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

An insightful realization that these Principles are included in all your experiences quiets your mind and allows a deeper intelligence and wisdom to come alive. This gives rise to a vastly richer inner life which in turn makes the outside richer too.

Uncovering the Hidden Dimension

I’ve partnered with Keith Blevens, Ph.D., to guide you to a hidden dimension that few realize exists.

The Hidden Dimension has gifts for you beyond your wildest dreams; wisdom, mental health, resilience, creativity, quietude, confidence, problem-solving, to name but a few.

If you’d like to join, click on the button below to learn more.

Watch me teach the Three Principles

Recently, I did some presentations on the Three Principles. It will give you a sense of how I work with people. These videos are free to watch on YouTube.