What is a genuine relationship?

Is there a predictor for what happens to relationships?

The short answer: Yes, I believe there is. It’s surprisingly simple too.

The TL;DR: Individual and Independent Minds/Realities/Forms.

Relationships are loving and resilient when both individuals in a relationship realize they are experiencing their own minds/realities/forms. As every individual has their own mind/reality/form that is independent of everyone else’s mind/reality/form, there is a separation between every person’s mind/reality/form. It is this separation that is the key to a genuine relationship. It’s more commonly known as “separate realities.”

When there is a separation, we have the opportunity to create meaningful connections between souls. As there are two souls involved in a relationship, we have the opportunity to connect and get to know another soul, by being interested in their mind/reality/forms, instead of making assumptions in our own mind/reality/form about what’s going on for them. This connection encourages us to cooperate and collaborate equally and meaningfully. When we are able to be open to another person’s mind/reality/form, this creates the space for us to love and appreciate the other person deeply. The relationship naturally evolves and gets stronger and more resilient and inspires us to love more than ever.

It’s two individual and independent minds/realities/forms sharing a beautiful journey together with deep and positive feelings for each other.

Relationships are likely to break down when either or both people do not recognize that there are two minds/realities/forms. Instead, they see only one, so the opportunity to connect and know another soul is not possible. There’s no separation between minds/realities/forms. Without this separation, it will be inevitable that one or both will be discouraged by the absence of being seen or heard, or the absence of seeing or hearing the other person. In the end, we lose heart and love for the other person, instigating the breakdown of the relationship.

In truth, it’s not because of us or the other person, it’s because we were not able to recognize separate minds/realities/forms.

The TL;DR Summary

Individual And Independent Minds/Realities/Forms create the space for separate minds/realities/forms to play together and experience joy with love and gratitude.

Believing that there is only one mind/reality/form and therefore there are no other minds/realities/forms to discover, rejecting Individual and Independent Minds/Realities/Forms in the process, is therefore the most significant and reliable predictor of relationship breakdowns.

The (Very) Long Version

How are we able to make a prediction?

Please grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee. This article will be a long one, and hopefully, it will be enjoyable and educational, and bring about helpful and practical insights, or new ways of seeing what we didn’t know was possible to see and experience.

Before we get to the topic of relationships, we first need to go to the foundation, the baseline, or the starting point of what it means to be human. This might seem like a waste of time, but without this foundation, the reader will interpret this article as something to do. The intention of this article is to look at the principles of human experience before any actual human experience so that there truly isn’t anything for us to do mentally.

By going in this direction, we can uncover a foundation that cannot be superseded, though it can be “overlooked,” by the ego, or even make you believe that there is no such foundation in the first place. It is through seeing this foundation that will bring to life a deeper order of thought and feelings for insightfully understanding human experience, and in turn, how we relate to people, including those closest to us and love dearly.

The Foundation of the Human Experience

The rest of the blog coming shortly…

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