Brett Chitty of presents

Discovering GodMind Within

There is a universe full of wisdom, love, happiness, and mental health waiting for you to move into.

A simple, plain English introduction to the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

Webinar Dates

All webinars are free to register. Each webinar will be 45 to 60 minutes. Each webinar begins at 5 pm UK time. The recordings will be available on this page within a few days after the webinar. The recordings will be available on the YouTube channel once all post-production editing has been completed. All webinar dates, times, and topics are subject to change at any notice. Images by vladakingdom @ Depositphotos

May 6th

Sydney Banks’ The Reality Formula: Establishing all the key aspects of what it will take for us to learn insightfully about what makes human beings function as human beings through the Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

June 3rd

Which Reality Do We Observe And Participate In? There are two types of realities we can live from. One has Wisdom and mental wellbeing built in, and the other makes life complex, challenging, and busy-minded.

July 1st

The Mystical Bridge Called Thought: A Mystical Bridge connects you to the formless, also known as wisdom. You become the recipient of new intelligence and knowledge, creating wiser and healthier realities.

August 5th

There’s Nothing Outside of Mind: When we realize pre-existing principles, we put the reality we observe and participate in back where they belong: within the Principle of Mind.

September 2nd

Two Ways of Using the Same Mind: One way leads you to a loving and positive life, and the other leads you to negativity without peace.

October 7th

Individual and Independent Realities: Recognising separate realities is key to fostering beautiful, loving relations and connections.

November 4th

Topic to be decided Later.

December 2nd

Topic to be decided later.