Work with Brett

Uncovering surprising solutions you didn’t know you had within you.

Single Consultation/Session

A single one-off consultation/session. Up to 75 minutes. £200, non-refundable.

6 Weekly Consultations/Sessions

6 weekly consultations/sessions to keep the momentum going so you can get a ‘feel’ for wisdom, and in turn, mental wellbeing. £1,000 (6 consultations for the price of 5). Non-refundable.

3 or 4 Day Online Fast Track

The fast track to learning about the Three Principles and makes the promise of wisdom come alive for you.

More details here (coming soon)

1 Year Apprenticeship

An incredibly direct and powerful Three Principles training. Become a strong guide as you work with clients as they make their journey exploring the Three Principles so they themselves can realize and experience wisdom.

More details here (coming soon)