Brett’s Quotes

Inside and Outside

Brett Chitty, as spoken in “The Three Principles from the Beginning” program. (text further clarified here.)

The outside does not mean your reality is outside.
The outside is the inside creating the appearance of a reality ‘outside.’ Reality takes place inside.
Therefore, reality does not exist in the outside. That’s why there is no outside.

The Inner Life

Keith Blevens and Brett Chitty in conversation

Keith: “Brett, what was your inner life like when you were younger?”

Brett: “I didn’t know I had an inner life.”

Insight Into Where Reality Is

Brett writing a blog, “A New Therapy without Tools”

An insight into the Three Principles is an realization of an aspect of how the mind works, which in turn makes you see that what you thought was reality outside is actually your thought-created reality inside.

Universal Resilience

Brett speaking to the “QuietMind Platinum Group.”

Would you rather have a particular feeling so you can be resilient, or be resilient regardless of how you feel?

Mental Wellbeing

Brett coming up with copy for the website.

When you and mental wellbeing are in the same dimension, you will have realities with mental wellbeing.

When you and mental wellbeing are in different dimensions, you will have realities without mental wellbeing.

Mental Wellbeing lives in a non-negotiable dimension. Yet, you have free will to override which dimension you want your reality to come from.

Unconscious Thought

Brett speaking in a video for Three Principles Psychology (text further clarified here.)

Unconscious Thought does not mean unconscious Thought. Unconscious Thought is conscious thought appearing as something other Thought.

The Principle of Thought, or Your Thought?

Brett Chitty

The Principle of Thought is a neutral power, it does not decide for you what you experience.

Your Thought is not a neutral power, because all your experiences are the outcome of whatever thought you had in the moment.

The fact there is even a single difference between the Principle of Thought (neutral) and Your Thought (not neutral) means they cannot be the same.

Being Right or Being a Student?

Brett Chitty

‘Being right’ is the belief that you have all the information you need and that no wiser thought is possible. This directly contradicts wisdom. Wisdom is infinite which means there is always a wiser thought. To receive wiser thought means being open to learning what you didn’t know you could learn. ‘Being right’ and ‘being a student’ are, therefore, contradictory places to come from.

Do you want to be right, or, do you want to be a student?

The Bigger Question

Brett Chitty

The questions of whether your reality is good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong, factual or made up, to name but a few, are pertinent questions that seem to hold value.

However, a bigger question changes the context in which you observe your realities, one that allows wisdom, love, and kindness to be included in your reality.

The question is not about what is within your reality and, therefore, how you think about it, but whether you realize that your reality is an expression of your thought via the Principle of Thought in the moment. The insight that the Principle of Thought is included is the bridge for wisdom to create wiser and healthier realities.

Where is Reality?

Brett Chitty

All realities are made of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. Therefore, reality is never outside the eye of the beholder.

Reality is not Physical

Brett Chitty

The Physical is made of Time, Space, and Matter.
Reality is made of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.

The Physical and Reality therefore cannot be the same. This is why Sydney Banks spoke of a dimension ‘Beyond Time, Space, and Matter.’

Reality is not Physical.

A Live Feed

Brett Chitty

The reality you observe is a live feed of your thinking.